Skydream Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Your dreams come blue French novelist Colette once wrote, “;there are connoisseurs of blue, just as there are connoisseurs of wine.”; She appreciated the subtle flavors between the crystalline blue of the shallow Mediterranean waters off Saint Tropez and the pale, endless hue of a cloudless summer sky. Colette knew a gorgeous blue when she saw it. Lucky for you, so do we, and we’ve captured it in our Skydream Pendant. Today, one of the most coveted varieties of blue topaz is the pastel Sky Blue, embodying in a single gemstone the rich essence of a calm, warm sky filled with promise. Set in fine .925 sterling silver and finished with rose gold, this 1-carat Swiss blue topaz glitters with intense warmth. Surrounding it are DiamondAura�, our stunning, lab-created beauties that shine with more fire than diamonds. Experience the world’s most serene blue in the heart of our tranquil Skydream Pendant. It’s a dream come blue! Add the matching 18in. Rose Gold-finished Chain for ONLY $59!