Skydream Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant & Rose-gold Finished Chain $79

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Your dreams come blue French novelist Colette once wrote, “;there are connoisseurs of blue, just as there are connoisseurs of wine.”; She appreciated the subtle flavors between the crystalline blue of the shallow Mediterranean waters off Saint Tropez and the pale, endless hue of a cloudless summer sky. Colette knew a gorgeous blue when she saw it. Lucky for you, so do we, and we’ve captured it in our Skydream Pendant & Rose Gold-finished Chain. Today, one of the most coveted varieties of blue topaz is the pastel Sky Blue, embodying in a single gemstone the rich essence of a calm, warm sky filled with promise. Set in fine .925 sterling silver and finished with rose gold, this 1-carat Swiss blue topaz glitters with intense warmth. Surrounding it are DiamondAura�, our stunning, lab-created beauties that shine with more fire than diamonds. Experience the world’s most serene blue in the heart of our tranquil Skydream Pendant. It’s a dream come blue!