Sempre DiamondAura Necklace $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Three little words never looked so good Stauer and science have discovered a brilliant new way to say “;I Love You”;! The shallow waters of Rome’s Trevi Fountain shimmer with sunken treasure. Thousands of coins glisten in the afternoon sunlight. Each began as a wish in the heart of a hopeful visitor. Some wished for love. Others for happiness. Most wished for a little of both. Popular legend has it that one coin ensures a return to Rome. Two coins can spark a new romance. And if you’re lucky, three coins just might lead to everlasting love. Thanks to the Sempre DiamondAura� Collection, you don’t need luck to find love. You can also hold on to most of those coins too. Our expert jewelers have crafted a dazzling triple threat of beauty, brilliance and brains by loading these elegant .925 sterling silver settings with some of the clearest stones ever created by man. The Sempre Necklace is a knockout with a 2�-carat oval set between two �-carat pears and framed with a blazing border of fiery rounds. What is DiamondAura? Gemologists broke the code to create an impeccable lab-created stone with even more fire and better clarity than mined diamonds. In the laboratory, they found a way to match the brilliance of a diamond while avoiding the outrageous price. Our exclusive lab-created DiamondAura retains every jeweler’s specification including color, cut, clarity and carat weight. Your wish has been granted, so keep the change!