Seagrass Chalcedony Pendant & Necklace Set $398

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $398
Born of the blue green sea Life at the water’s edge has a large part to do with gemstones � not because some originated from the oceans, but because we used the seas thousands of years ago as our major trade routes. The serene aqua gem in our new Seagrass Chalcedony Pendant & Necklace Set has been mined for almost 4000 years, but it gets its name from Chalcedon, an ancient Greek trading port of Asia Minor. And if any gem reflects the placid beauty of the sea, it’s chalcedony. The translucent gem is big and beautiful � 10-carats � and it glimmers with the light green color of sunlight dappling the shallows. The accompanying 18″ chain is gold-finished sterling silver, spaced with genuine aquamarine beads that exquisitely match the soft tones of the blue-green pendant. The look is subtle and elegant � perfect for a night out at beachside clubs, or simply worn over a little white dress while you walk barefoot along the shore.