Sea Cloud Larimar Earrings $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $395
World’s rarest gemstone? Capture this rare Caribbean treasure and experience larimar luxury at our lowest price ever! Few have ever seen a larimar stone, and far fewer still are fortunate as to actually own this rare gem with the ethereal blue color. The gemstone comes only from a single remote mountainside, in the Dominican Republic, on a single kilometer, and is not found anywhere else in the world. This makes larimar 10,000 times rarer than diamonds, rarer than tanzanite and rarer even than the finest rubies and emeralds. But luckily, the prices are not controlled by a syndicate so the rarest stone is still affordable. The history of the discovery of larimar appears to be shrouded in mystery. Uncovered by powerful seismic activity, the blue gems were slowly dragged by rain waters down the slopes of the mountain to the sea and washed up on the shores of a small fishing village. An island artist fell in love with it and then scoured the island for twenty years before finding the only lode of this elusive blue treasure. It is said that this artist named the gemstone after his beautiful young daughter, Larissa, and joined her name with “;mar,”; the Spanish word for sea. After being painstakingly mined and extracted from hundreds of feet deep in the mountains, and upon polishing, an amazing gem emerges, appearing to capture the swirling seas of the Caribbean. Quality stones are difficult to obtain and naturally we at Stauer will accept only the best � �each stone is over 4-carats. Nature guarantees that no two larimar gemstones will be exactly alike, each has a wispy white swirl that looks like the highest clouds on a sun-filled day. The blue is so much brighter and more vibrant than the turquoise stones that jewelry lovers have worn for years. We’ve crafted the rare larimar into the remarkable Sea Cloud Larimar Earrings because larimar is not a stone you wear timidly. Mother Nature has given us such a small quantity of this beautiful stone and there is no way to replenish the few carats that are available. Please act quickly!