Scienza lab-created Emerald Majestic Necklace & Earrings Collection $349

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Scienza lab-created Emerald Majestic Necklace & Earrings Collection - 23979
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $398
With love, from the Casanova of Chemistry An unbelievable collection of scientific sparkle, inspired by the man who liberated luxury Mined emeralds never looked this good. Maybe a few of themcame close, but they didnt last long in the outside world. They got snatched up by eccentric billionaires and world-famous museums for prices that included an obscene amount of zeroes. You and I will likely never see a near flawless mined emerald of such impeccable color. But thanks to one chemically obsessed genius, we get something even better. Others had tried, but in the 1930s one scientist finally succeeded in creating an emerald of spectacular quality in the lab. It was nothing short of a revelation. The jewelry industry was confused, then outraged. But eventually, even they were forced to admit that no gemstone taken from the Earth ever looked as good as this. The Scienza� lab-created Emerald Majestic Necklace and Earrings Collection may just be the most spectacular green ever created by man. Thanks to decades of advanced gemological science, we all have access to bigger and more brilliant jewelry… for a price that defies conventional luxury logic! The mineral composition, heat and pressure of Scienza are all controlled in the laboratory, so the scientifically-grown emeralds have more luster and brilliance than most mined stones. Scienza emeralds are identical to the natural gem in most every way: color, sparkle, hardness, and composition. And our Scienza lab creations are free of the myriad of tiny cracks which blemish most natural emeralds. But the biggest difference is price. Instead of spending up to $50,000 per carat for “almost perfect” from nature, you get “better than perfect” only from Stauer!