Sagara Blue Topaz Necklace $495

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $495
Rare blue treasure found on remote tropical island It’s easy to lose yourself on the remote islands in the Bay of Bengal. My favorite place to go missing is inside the tiny tiki bars built with slabs of driftwood and hunks of old fishing boats. You won’t find a more perfect place to sip cocktails from a coconut husk and forget about, well, everything. But the truth is that I can never completely escape work. Somehow, no matter where I am, jewelry is never far behind. And in this case, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Rajul found me by accident, wandering lost down one of the island’s back roads. Turns out he was a jeweler, back from the marketplace with a bag full of beautiful blue stones. Pouring some into his palm, he gestured towards the vast blue water which was, well, everywhere. “;Sagara,”; he said with a smile. I didn’t need to understand Hindi to get his meaning. He was kind enough to point me back towards my villa, but wouldn’t let me leave without the nickel tour of his workshop. It was worth every penny. Our Sagara Collection reminds me of his work, those stones and most importantly, that impeccable, gorgeous blue.