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Rustica Amethyst Earrings - 23278
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $149
The most romantic line ever written Inspired by the “wine poets” of ancient Rome, we’ve composed the 50-Carat Rustica Amethyst Earrings If “wine is bottled poetry,” as Robert Louis Stevenson once remarked, then winemakers must be poets. Instead of composing stanzas, they stomp grapes. Rather than recite lines to a lover, they simply pour a glass. We take the same lyrical approach with gemstones. Every facet is a finely crafted phrase and every sparkle a sonnet. In our humble opinion, this 400-Carat Rustica Amethyst Necklace is one of the most romantic lines we’ve ever written. Centuries ago, ancient farmers found a way to tame the wild vines of Rome and transform its succulent fruit into something sublime. Just as those first Roman vintners crafted opulent spirits from ordinary grapes, there were others who found their inspiration much deeper than the roots of any vine. Both grapes and gemstones are products of their surroundings. They are formed by the elements and their environment. But for both, the most important ingredient is time. And finally, after thousands of years underground, these stunning amethyst stones are ready to be uncorked. Our Rustica Earrings feature 50 carats of perfectly ripe, purple amethyst. The strand features a mix of faceted beads, handstrung on double-knotted jeweler’s thread. The natural color of the amethyst varies stone to stone, running the spectrum from lavender to deep royal purple. Glittering gold-toned spacers add flashes of elegance. It’s easy to become intoxicated by amethyst’s natural charm. You’re no stranger to drinking in the beauty of the one you love � now make sure your cup runneth over.