Royal Proposal Scienza Sapphire Earrings $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
The worlds most wanted earrings Now that the Wedding of the Century is complete, it might seem as though the celebrations should be over. But here at Stauer, we just cant stop. It might have something to do with that legendary sapphire that started it all. Every time we look at our spectacular Royal Proposal Scienza� Sapphire Earrings we relive the magic all over again. And so can you! In 1981, Prince Charles slipped brilliant blue sapphire earrings onto the ears of shy Lady Di and the whole world fell in love. Nearly thirty years later, his son William used the very same sapphires to win the hand of his own beloved Kate. Immediately after Prince William announced his engagement, luxury jewelers across Europe were flooded with requests to create similar earrings. But even the wealthiest patrons had to wait months for their own custom versions. We have one waiting for you right now. Our version features an impressive 3 1⁄4 -carat lab-created sapphire oval, prong-set in sterling silver. The regal blue beauty is surrounded by a sunburst of round lab-created DiamondAura�.