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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Reinvention of the wheel In the pantheon of practical inventions, the wheel ranks right up there with remote controls and power steering. But when it comes to jewelry, usefulness is not always a requirement. That’s why we envisioned a stunning new use for the wheel that was more fashion than function. More luxury than utility. More “;WOW”; than “;whatever.”; The Roulette DiamondAura� Ring is a double band of rose gold-finished .925 sterling silver studded with lab-created DiamondAura rounds. Balanced beautifully in the center is another circle � twinkling weightless in the negative space between the two glittering hoops � showcasing a brilliant round surrounded by a halo of fiery lab-created stones. It’s a ring like none we’ve ever seen and that’s why we were compelled to share it with you. Yes, it’s a little bit different. But in the face of bold new creations like the Roulette Ring, our advice is: just roll with it!