Room 101 The Big Payback 7x70 $62.95

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Room 101 The Big Payback 7x70
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Manufacturer: Room 101 The Big Payback
Category: Room 101 The Big Payback
Retail Price: $70
Thanks to his complex bold creations Matt Booth has certainly enjoyed fame throughout the cigar world. As a way to thank his customers for their commitment to his brand he’s created the aptly named The Big Payback for the Room 101 Collection. A delectable blend of bitter coffee wood and leather the 7×70 cigars are handmade Honduran behemoths with a stunning bold 70 gauge ring and 7 inch body. Packaged in gorgeous boxes of 10 Booth has placed these masterfully built cigars at an extremely affordable price as a big thank you to loyal cigar enthusiasts around the globe.