Room 101 HN Papi Chulo $236.25

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Room 101 HN Papi Chulo
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Manufacturer: Room 101 HN
Category: Room 101 HN
Retail Price: $262.5
If you’re looking for something special for your humidor consider the limited edition Papi Chulo from the rare Room 101 HN collection. With only 800 boxes in existence it won’t be long before these gems are long gone unless of course you’ve safely tucked away a box of 50 from JR for yourself. These handcrafted Honduran delights feature a tight build – a small 42 gauge ring and 4 inch body. Wrapped in a Honduran Criollo 98 leaf the Papi Chulos have been bound with Brazil Mata Fina and filled with a smooth Dominican-Honduran tobacco blend.