Romantique Scienza Ruby Ring $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Some people never learn I’m talking to you, Mr. Last Minute. I see you in the supermarket, picking over scraps in the greeting card aisle. You rummage through boxes of chocolate that are banged up and suspiciously light. You rush to the in-store florist, only to have your hopes dashed by scattered petals and empty buckets. You waited too long� again. Luckily, there’s an easy way to pull yourself back from the brink. Meet the Romantique lab-created Ruby Ring. Atop the ornate, gold-finished sterling silver setting, you’ll find the simmering solution to all of your problems. Our Scienza� lab-created ruby blazes with a color normally reserved for the world’s rarest red gems. Men have searched the Earth for a color this captivating. We’ll deliver it right to your front door. No rummaging necessary. Our exclusive Scienza rubies are crafted using advanced equipment that recreates the remarkable heat and pressure that produces natural gemstones deep below the Earth’s surface. Each radiant red oval is chemically-identical to a mined ruby, but ours possess even more fire and practically zero flaws. This is your moment of truth. There’s nothing romantic about waiting until the last minute and now there’s no excuse. For a limited time, you can bring home this trophy and let everyone else fight over second place.