Romancing the Ruby Bracelet $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Elves make mistake (happy accident)! Santas workshop error means 30-carats of genuine ruby just for you! We placed an order with the North Pole for a 3-carat genuine ruby bracelet. Well, one of the little guys rested his tiny cup on the order form, leaving a ring of cocoa right next to the number 3. When our order arrived and we opened the box, we found the elves’ had accidentally crafted a 30-carat ruby bracelet! Santa didn’t lose his temper with the elves, he just laughed his jolly laugh and patted his helpers on the back. The result is the Romancing the Ruby Bracelet, a bounteous 30-carats of enhanced ruby set in a glorious gold-finished bracelet. Five genuine ruby stones, the largest displayed prominently front and center, every single one of those rich red beauties exactly 10 times bigger than we expected.