Rendezvous London Blue Topaz Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Blame it on those big baby blues He found the color impossible to resist, and you will too � get 2 � carats of genuine London Blue He first saw her under the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus. Even in London’s muted sunlight, her eyes glimmered with a cool blue fire. Walking over to say hello, he tripped over his own feet. As soon she smiled and offered him a hand up, he knew this was for keeps. The eyes had him. They come back to visit the statue every spring. This year, he brought a surprise. He placed a ring in her palm. The warm glow of gold took her breath away. “;London Blue,”; he said, “;just like your eyes.”; A 2-carat teardrop sparkles at the center of our Rendezvous London Blue Topaz Ring. Light dances within the jewel’s depths � a shimmer of electrifying ice-blue. The centerpiece stuns at the center of a cat’s eye filled with blazing lab-created DiamondAura�, with two smaller blue topazes on each side. The ring fit perfectly around her slender finger and the gold-finished .925 sterling silver glowed next to her alabaster skin. Paired with the Rendezvous London Blue Topaz Necklace and earrings that glisten with tiny “;raindrops”; of London blue topaz, the collection was a perfect representation of his undying affection.