Remedios Clemenceau Bundle $59.95

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Remedios Clemenceau Bundle
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Remedios
Category: Remedios
Retail Price: $95
From a brand that holds a place in the hearts and humidors of seasoned cigar fans the 7.25 x 54 Remedios Clemenceau is a supersized simple yet satisfying smoking experience that showcases traditional craftsmanship in a top-quality tobacco blend.Expertly handcrafted in Nicaragua with a multination recipe of well-aged tobaccos carefully curated to manifest a middle-of-the-road medium-bodied strength profile fit for just about any smoker of fine cigars the Remedios Clemenceau is finished with a dark and dusky Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. Packed in budget-friendly bundles of 20 the Remedios Clemenceau’s blend balances the right amount of zesty spice with traditional tobacco taste. When you’re shopping online for a popular premium handmade cigar in a substantial size and designed to appeal to all kinds of smokers you won’t go wrong with the maduro-wrapped Remedios Clemenceau Bundle.