Regent Amethyst Ring $399

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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One ring ruled them all If you were to travel back to antiquity wearing this amethyst ring, you’d have entire nations falling at your feet, hordes of people eager to serve you. That’s because since the deep purple stone was discovered in 3,000 B.C., it’s been reserved exclusively for royalty. Cleopatra herself was an amethyst enthusiast, and Catherine the Great couldn’t get enough. So if you were to show up with this beauty on your finger, you’d be immediately mistaken for one of their queenly colleagues. It’s only in recent years that amethyst has become available to the throneless. Big finds in South America and Africa have made the gemstone more affordable, but haven’t diminished the stone’s beauty. The Regent Amethyst Ring is a 3-carat African amethyst set in gold-finished sterling silver, accented with 52 lab-created white DiamondAura� stunners. Your ancient subjects would have gone wild, but you can expect an equally appreciative reaction in 2014. Time machine sold separately.