Rare Love Tanzanite Necklace $149

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For a love rarer than diamonds There are more than seven billion people on the planet, yet you managed to find the one person who was right for you. We think it’s fair to say that’s pretty rare. You might even say the odds were against you seven billion to one but you managed to figure it out anyway, by turning a chance encounter into the real deal. And now look at you. So what’s the perfect way to show her that you know how lucky you are, to show her you understand that the love you share is a rare and precious thing? Our Rare Love Tanzanite Necklace features 40 vivid violet-blue tanzanite gemstones, pav set in a heart-shaped sterling silver pendant. The enchanting deep violet-blue of Tanzanite is so rare, it occurs in just one place in the entire world: a small location in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania, East Africa. And it was only discovered by chance, after a Serengeti tribesman saw lightning strike the plains, revealing the once-hidden blue treasure just beneath the surface. Your love is just that kind of happy accident. Let her know you’re glad that lightning struck.