Ramrod Deputy $43.95

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Ramrod Deputy
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Ramrod
Category: Ramrod
Retail Price: $54
With Ramrod Deputy machine-made dry-cured cigars—expertly crafted with the flavor of bourbon—there’s no need for a humidor (or a glass). Crafted in the European style in a small yet satisfying 4.5 x 34 size Ramrod Deputy cigars have been a forever favorite with fans of rugged smokes especially when they’re on the move; because Ramrod Deputy dry-cured cigars are available in 10 travel-friendly packs of five (50 cigars total) they easily go wherever you may roam. Priced to please Ramrod Deputy machine-made cigars are an affordable option when shopping online to buy a well-blended burst of bourbon flavor in a take-along traditional smoke.