Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet $399

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Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet - 17793
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $399
Capture the rainbow without weathering the rainstorm According to legend, you can find buried gold at the end of a rainbow. But before you head outside with an umbrella and shovel, take a closer look at our Rainbow Gemstone Bracelet. A worthy prize for even the most discerning treasure hunters, this bracelet features over 24 carats of natural stone, including deep red garnet (5 ⅓ ctw), bright yellow citrine (4 ⅓ ctw), vivid green peridot (4 � ctw), sky blue topaz (5 ⅓ ctw), and brilliant purple amethyst (4 � ctw). Trios of similar-colored stones form the rainbow design that curve naturally around the wrist. Each shimmering stone sits securely in a four-prong setting, fashioned from the finest .925 sterling silver. The bracelet measures 7 �” and secures with a sterling silver safety clasp. With more than 90 glittering gems, it’s the perfect accessory to bring a burst of color to any gray day.