Ragnar Tungsten Ring & Bracelet $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Get ready to conquer the world Ragnar Lothbrok, the legendary Viking hero, was more than just a man with a vision. Ragnar was a man with the iron will and fearlessness to ensure his visions ended in famous victories. So while the average Viking was content with the easy summer raids to the east where everyone knew what to expect, this one mighty warrior was convinced that greater riches lay to the west, in a place that no Viking had ever visited, named England. And so Ragnar built the longest of longboats, persuaded the best and bravest to join him and sailed into unknown waters. When the Viking horde returned, the boat was weighed down with treasures beyond belief � the English had been far too polite to quarrel with Ragnar’s famous battle-axe. The Stauer Ragnar Tungsten Ring and Bracelet takes the Viking hero’s impervious will to succeed as its inspiration. Tungsten, named after the Swedish word for “;heavy stone”; is the toughest of materials. Its melting point of 6,192 degrees Fahrenheit is the highest of all elements, its tensile strength knows no rival and its surface is near impossible to scratch. Cannon shells, grenades and missiles have been made of this stuff, so we should be thankful that tungsten was not discovered until long after Ragnar’s death. Make no mistake, the Ragnar Set is for men who know how to get things done and let nothing stand in their way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also look good while doing it, so the Ragnar Ring and Bracelet are set with DiamondAura rounds.