Radia Tourmaline Bracelet & Earrings Set $79

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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New! Breaking the code of colors Kandinsky was so much more than an artist, he was a prophet who knew how to combine colors in ways that moved the human heart. Turns out there’s only one gemstone in the universe possessing the variety of colors to achieve Kandinsky’s “;unknown but real”; power. That gemstone is tourmaline, a stone capable of holding so many colors that Egyptian legend tells of it passing through a rainbow to earth. Inspired by Kandinsky, our Radia Bracelet and Earrings Set sizzles with genuine tourmalines. These stunning stones not only come in an incomparable variety of natural colors, but even the stones of similar hues actually possesses subtle, almost imperceptible variations in color, so no two tourmalines are exactly alike. The possibilities are endless.