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The Queen of the Jungle In the wild savanna and grasslands of Africa, the lioness is ferociously dominant. While each pride usually contains two or three adult males, the pride is led exclusively by its queens. The same holds true in the human world � just look at the United Kingdom, where Queen Elizabeth II holds the Crown. The Lion Rampant is part of the Royal Arms, originally used by Oliver Cromwell and King William I… and our new Queen Elizabeth Coin Necklace celebrates Queen Elizabeth’s reign with a chain of coin emblems bearing her regal image. On the front, Her Royal Highness is presented in a classically regal pose. A lion rampant motif dominates the reverse, symbolizing the Queen’s proud heritage of history and royal peerage. The Queen Elizabeth Coin Necklace is perfect for the most stylish lady Anglophiles who want to make an impression… for as the Queen once said, “;I have to be seen to be believed.”;