Pride of Zambia Emerald Ring $99

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
Amazing African gem discovery sends South America scrambling If youre ready to join the Emerald Revolution, its never been easier to go green and own one of the most treasured gemstones on Earth. High-quality emeralds are rarer than most diamonds and the finest stones fetch considerably more at auction. But finding a collection with the right combination of translucence and color �for a spectacular price� was almost impossible. Until now. Stauer cracked the emerald code. The Pride of Zambia Emerald Ring lets you bring home one carat total weight of genuine emeralds set in gold-finished .925 sterling silver for this unbelievable price! How did we do it? WHY did we do it? Read on… Taking back the green. For centuries, the finest emeralds in the world were found exclusively in Colombia. The legendary deposits in Muzo and Chivor set the standard for gorgeous green gems. But a recent find in Africa has South America looking over its shoulder. And thanks to a massive buy by Stauer, you can own these history-making African emeralds for a history-making price with our Pride of Zambia Emerald Ring. Zambian emeralds stand out with a vivid, rich color. These stunning African stones are also much less porous and brittle than their South American cousins. We realized immediately how rare it was to find emeralds of this quality and clarity for such a remarkable price. Thats why our massive investment means so much for you. You could easily pay as much as $5,000 for one carat total weight of fine Colombian emeralds. But now you dont have to.

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