Polar Rose Blue Topaz Necklace $299

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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The legend of the frozen flower They speak only of the Polar Rose in legends. There is an island, unmapped by man, in the frozen seas north of Franz Josef Land, where the hills are lush with flowers for only three days a year, bursting with colors before unseen on this world, and scents that cause frenzied dreams during the cold, wintry nights. The Polar Rose is one such flower, whose aroma drives men wild with desire, and whose pristine beauty sparks envy in the human heart. Our new Polar Rose Topaz Necklace is the legend become real. The sprawling “;floral”; arrangement is positively electric thanks to crackling London Blue Topaz gems that shimmer with an intense ice-blue glow. Designers have loaded the .925 sterling silver petals with 166 individually set, lab-created DiamondAura rounds. Together, London Blue Topaz and white DiamondAura create a cool look of classic elegance and rare beauty. There’s no need for an expedition to the Arctic Circle. Whoever wears this necklace will surely become the rarest flower of them all.