Platinum-finished Berzelian Solitaire Necklace $199

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Platinum-finished Berzelian Solitaire Necklace - 26206
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Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $495
Calling this stone a diamond would be an insult Berzelian is not a diamond. It is something altogether superior. Quite simply, an expertly-cut Berzelian is the most brilliant scientifically-grown gemstone on the planet. Harder than rubies and sapphires. More fire than a flawless white diamond. And 1,000 times more rare than any other precious gem pulled from the ground. A meteorite crashed into the Arizona desert more than 50,000 years ago. Inside the crater in 1893, one scientist discovered traces of a shimmering substance that had never been found on Earth. The crystal was stunning, but there was barely enough to make a single pair of earrings. After decades of research using techniques pioneered by Jons Jacob Berzelius brilliant chemists finally recreated the spectacular stone inside a laboratory. But the process is not fast. It’s not cheap. It cannot be rushed. And the production is limited to the efforts of the scientists, cutters and craftsmen who have patented rights to this one-of-a-kind jewel. Today, you’re invited to experience the future of romance.