Pink Mer Necklace $59

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $99
Mothers dearest My mother is like no woman Ive ever known. Shes smart, strong-willed, and beautiful. And shes always done things a little differently. She smiles when shes nervous. She takes her shoes off to dance. And she loves watching football with my dad. So not surprisingly, her jewelry choices are a touch different as well. While all her friends have their go-to string of white pearls, my mothers are pink. A subtle twist on a classic look. Thats what my mothers good at. I know shed love this Pink Mer� Necklace. How can we offer such pleasantly pink orbs at such a fantastic price? We use science and inspiration from nature to create breathtaking organic spheres. By extracting the seed pearl from young oysters and coating them in nacre (the same substance that creates naturally grown pearls), weve essentially sped up natures process in the lab. But rarely in nature do you get anything as perfectly round as the 10mm stunners on our Mer� Necklace. And this necklace secures with an effortlessly elegant magnetic clasp. Classy, a little different, and totally affordable. My mother would be proud.