Pink Champagne Pamirite Ring $97.5

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
We’ve discovered a rare and exotic stone at 25,095 feet Only 2000 carats left! Rare and new to the world of jewelry � Pink Champagne Pamirite We’ve brought you a little something from the “Roof of the World” � an exotic treasure from the East called Pamirite. This sparkling golden pink stone was formed from volcanic activity on the highest peak in the Parmir Mountain range in Central Asia. For centuries this miracle of nature has been hiding in these ancient mountains that gave passage to thousands of merchants and adventurers along the Great Silk Road. Had 13th century European explorer Marco Polo known about Pamirite, his explorations would have taken a most fortunate turn. Luckily, that fortune is all ours � which means by Stauer standards � it’s all yours! Introducing our Pink Champagne Pamirite Ring. With a striking oval cut, this ring showcases 6 full carats of this shimmering stone. Newly discovered rare stones typically garner a high price tag in the jewelry world, but we go straight to the source and cut out the middleman. This means we can offer you a rare stone for an even rarer price. Don’t miss this chance to own the toast of the jewelry world.