Perola Baroque Pearl Earrings $199

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $199
Go for Baroque Would you be so kind as to allow me one more bad pun? If you would, I’d love to say, “;If it ain’t baroque, don’t fix it.”; But that would be too much right? All joking aside, that phrase really does have a place here. When something comes out right the first time, you shouldn’t mess with it. At least that’s my opinion. Certain things are perfect just the way they are. And it’s best to let them shine as nature intended. That’s just what we’ve done with the impressive baroque pearls in our P�rola Earrings. Cultured baroque pearls like these are nature’s way of saying, “;Not everything has to be symmetrical.”; And it’s their unique, organic forms that have inspired artists throughout history to create works of art that put baroque pearls center stage (the most famous of these is the Canning Brooch, which depicts a merman whose upper torso is composed of a single enormous baroque pearl). Beyond their shape, baroque pearls also offer a rainbow of iridescence you simply cannot see in uniformly spherical pearls. Due to their distinctive shapes, these baroque beauties exhibit an amazing luster caused by light rays reflecting and refracting off the uneven surface. Once you see the stunning array of colors, it almost seems acceptable that right now there’s a luxury retailer offering comparable earrings for $3,400… almost. At Stauer, we think you should be able to experience this kind of striking beauty without spending thousands. So slip into these earrings today and… go for baroque! That’s the last time I’ll use the pun, I promise.