Peridot Sunburst Ring $59

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Pharaoh’s treasure found on desert island The legend of peridot began on a remote volcanic island called Zagbargad, located about 50 miles from the coast in the Red Sea. The island hid a rich supply of the vivid green gem. And once that gorgeous green glint caught the eye of ancient Egypt’s pharaohs, the little island would never be the same. It’s easy to see why Egypt’s most powerful rulers and royalty were seduced by the green stone. In fact, Cleopatra’s beloved “;emeralds”; were more likely peridot, mined from the mysterious Isle of the Serpents. Our Peridot Sunburst Collection captures that radiant color in an elegant corsage of marquise-cut peridot, set in gleaming sterling silver. We’ve arranged all 18 gems in a blossom of fiery facets that deliver a dramatic light show, even indoors.