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Screen goddess goes for the gold Even in a place as chaotic as Cannes, Miss Screen Goddess stood calmly while the film festival crowds surged around her. She was a beauty of international acclaim. But behind saucer-sized sunglasses, under a wide-brimmed hat, she was temporarily anonymous. You could look twice and never recognize her. But her impeccable style gave her away. Her suit jacket was all soft, sharp lines converged into a revealing, plunging V. At the center: a gleaming golden Parisol Necklace & Bracelet Set. Not too dainty. Not too chunky. But substantial enough to show that she was here on business. The Parisol Necklace dazzeled around her neck as the reflection from the cameras bulbs lit her with a golden light. The bracelet glimmered on her wrist in place of a watch � she didn’t need one because she paid people to keep her on time. Her beauty hypnotized me until a black limo arrived and she disappeared like a lovely puff of smoke. Our Parisol Necklace & Bracelet Set was inspired by the goddess’s red carpet accessories. Wear them, work them and see what happens next….