Pangani Gemstone Bracelet $59

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The night that gemstones fell from the sky Wear 90 carats of raw, uncut beauty from the heart of Africa! In Africa, the search for gems can sometimes uncover just as many stories. On the road in Tanzania, I met a man who pointed me towards the sunken treasures of the Pangani River. He said, “;In the middle of the long, dry season many ages ago, the stars of heaven began to rain upon our land. It was there, at the River Pangani, where many stars fell, and the waters quenched their fires, and they became all the jewels in the Earth. They wait there even today, and color the scales of the fishes with the light of the rainbow.”; Introducing our stunning, new 90-carat Pangani Bracelet made of raw, rough-hewn gems that reflect the savage, primal beauty of eastern Africa. The genuine, imported gemstones are: pink-coral morganite, tanzanite, purple amethyst, clear, yellow-gold citrine, and blood orange carnelian. Each rough gemstone has been chosen for its raw, primitive beauty. And each one-of-a-kind, gold-finished piece has been hand-twisted and individually shaped in the ancient tradition of generations of dedicated African artisans. The Pangani Bracelet offers sumptuous souvenirs of ancient history. Now you can wear shimmering jewels that fell from the sky… that is, if you believe in legends.