Palos Pink DiamondAura Earrings $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $149
The allure of the Pink Martian Just when we thought the worlds red-hot love affair with blush-colored diamonds was over, along comes the Pink Martian. The 12-carat pink diamond (named for the 1976 Viking 1 mission to Mars) recently sold in Hong Kong for $17.4 million. Only months before, the 9-carat “Clark Pink” wowed the world when it sold for $15.7 million. What does our Palos Pink DiamondAura� Collection have in common with the “Martian” rock? More than you might think. Thanks to science, the lab-created sparkle of DiamondAura surpasses the worlds finest diamonds. The “fire” of our Palos Pink DiamondAura Earrings actually burn brighter than the worlds highest-graded diamonds! Mars may be hot, but the process for creating DiamondAura is even hotter. Experts utilize intense pressure and blistering heat (nearly 5000� F) to create a masterpiece of gemological art. Each of the five rosy-pink rounds flicker with the kind of light usually reserved for world-record stones.