Pallas Titanium Mens Bracelet $179

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Pallas Titanium Mens Bracelet - 21342
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $179
Flash of the Titans The perfect mix of rugged and refined! Certain guys cant help being tough and stylish. Classic leading men like Cooper, Bogart, and Grant. With them it was all about balance. No silly tough-guy machismo. No pompous demeanor. Just straightshooting masculinity paired with class. And thats exactly what weve achieved with the Pallas Titanium Bracelet. Titanium was named after the Titans of Greek mythology, the incarnation of natural strength. The name fits. The Titans were one tough bunch. And titanium is one tough metal, used in everything from high performance cars to turbine blades. But its also the perfect precious metal for that black tie affair. The Pallas (named for the Titan associated with war) incorporates a twotoned presentation of polished titanium on the outer links and brushed satin-finished titanium through the center for a streamlined look with some personality. And then for that added bit of style, we added a touch of white heat with a single, shimmering DiamondAura round that flashes with more fire than a mined diamond. The perfect pairing of rugged and refined.