Oval Emerald Earrings $179

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Do you dream in green? As the mist clears, you press on toward the mouth of the jungle. But like the intrepid explorers who came to South America in search of fortune and glory in the form of precious green stones, you cant help yourself. Youve heard tales of a scintillating 15-carat emerald… and then you wake up. It was all a dream. Except the emerald. That part was real. These gigantic stones can be yours in our Oval Emerald Earrings! Although emeralds of this size often land in museums, we think something so spectacular belongs around your finger � not under glass. These impressive 15-carat faceted stones are natural emerald carefully enhanced by our jewelers to bring out its finest color. And its exquisite, sterling silver frame is ringed with meticulous filigree and beadwork which has been hand-worked in Bali.