Orange Enamel Egg Necklace $39

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Pursuit of eggsellence The Russian Tsar demanded the best, and his legendary jeweler knew how to deliver. Rewriting the rules on color, form, and composition, the great master gathered Russia’s finest craftsmen to work on the now famous Imperial eggs. No two were alike and each opened to reveal a surprise for the royal family. And though the Tsar is long gone, those eggs are still sought after the world over. We’ve paid tribute to that world-famous jeweler’s pursuit of perfection with a bold innovation of our own. Our miniature Imperial style egg features the same attention to detail and colorful enamel shell, but on a more personal scale. This egg isn’t just for display, it’s wearable. Each is decorated with eye-catching crystal accents. Inside each egg, you’ll find a single lustrous pearl, nature’s only organic jewel.