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Pride of the Ottoman Empire The most prized gem of the Ottoman Empire was found in a garbage pile. According to legend, in 1669, a poor man discovered an 86-carat diamond in a rubbish pile and traded it to a spoonmaker for three wooden spoons. The spoonmaker sold the gem for ten silver coins, sending the diamond on a wild ride through the hands of various sultans, maharajahs and thieves. Today the fabled “Spoonmakers Diamond” sits under guard at Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Our stunning lab-created DiamondAura� Orabelle Collection looks like a giant chip off the old rock. Thanks to the remarkable process behind DiamondAura, science is finally able to replicate historys most famous diamonds on the grand scale that they deserve. And even though our version of the sultans favorite stone is a cocktail-sized, lab-created homage, its clear that the fiery cut is built to impress. Crafting scientifically-grown stones this large was just not possible until recently. And since DiamondAura can match the brilliance of a “D” flawless diamond, you get the rare chance to experience the kind of oversized opulence once only available to royalty. The Orabelle Necklace features a 13 �-carat, lab-created DiamondAura pear, surrounded by brilliant rounds. Recreate a luxurious look inspired by history, designed to add sparkle to your future!