Optica Magnifier Necklace $49

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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How to read between the lines I’m not sure which is shrinking faster, my ability to read small print or the font size on every printed page. My kids already tease me for how large I set the type on my computer screen. But I don’t let it get to me. Unfortunately, everything these days from utility bills and wine lists to magazines and fortune cookies seem bent on squeezing as many words as they can into the smallest possible space. That’s why I keep a pair of reading glasses as close as my car keys and cell phone. But it always pays to have backup. Don’t ruin the surprise, but my wife is definitely going to find one of our Optica Magnifier Necklaces in her stocking this year. The 29″ chain supports a stylish pendant finished in gold and set with a crystal clear disc of magnifying glass. The necklace does double duty as a fashion accessory and a helpful reading tool. There’s never been a better looking way to pay attention to detail, read between the lines and make sure you never miss a thing.