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The wonder from down under Australian opal has long been recognized as the most desirable in the world, but what gives the wonder from down under its superior iridescence, shape and size? Geologists will tell you it’s the unique mineral deposits buried deep in Australia’s soil which slowly form the famously fine stones. But Aboriginal Australian legend tells us opals were formed when the great Creator came down to earth on a rainbow with a message of peace for mankind, and wherever the Creator’s feet touched the ground, opal deposits were formed. Whether you prefer the science or the story, the Opal Wonder Ring lives up to expectations. The Australian opal doublet at the heart of this ring has everything opals from down under are famed for. Stare into this blue-green beauty for just one second and you’ll see the colors dance as it shimmers in the light. We’ve even added a little extra fire with 40 DiamondAura rounds circling the opal. Australian opals have exploded in price, so when you tell people you paid less than a hundred dollars for this ring, don’t be surprised if they think you created a myth of your own.