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Manufacturer: Stauer
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How a queen fell in love with the king of gems Its easy to see why civilizations throughout the ages have fallen in love with opals. Its pinfire flashes of iridescent pinks and greens on moonlight have mesmerized admirers since the beginning of time. Over the years, they came to symbolize such characteristics as hope, purity, prophesy, and foresight. The Romans called the opal the “King of Gems” since it contained all the hues of the rainbow in addition to the colors of other gems. To pay proper homage to this luminous beauty, Stauer showcases milky white opals with chevrons of pav�-set lab-created DiamondAura� set in gold finish over sterling silver. These opulent earrings (3 � ctw) have post backs. A fitting tribute to an unforgettable lady. �