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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $299
The return of the newlywed necklace A vintage beauty inspired by one romantic farewell I was never any good at goodbyes. As we stood together on the train platform, she asked when she would see me again. I pulled her close and said, Soon. But the world was tough on long-distance relationships and leaving her behind was never easy. I did what I could to keep her smiling. One day I pulled a necklace from my pocket. The strand of luminous pastel orbs, in all her favorite shades, took her by surprise. Its beautiful, she said. Tears rolled down her cheeks and I wiped them away. This necklace is a promise, I told her. Wear it and know that Ill always come back for you. The train whistle blew. One last kiss and I hopped onto the train. Ill miss you every minute, she cried. Dont you forget me! I shouted back, Its only New Jersey, sweetheart. Ill be home for supper. Yes, we were ridiculous. But we were newlyweds. Some days, my morning commute felt like I was boarding a train to Siberia. Even after 33 years of marriage, we still have our ridiculous moments. We still cant stand to be apart. And she still wears that necklace. In the interest of old-fashioned young love, Stauer is bringing the vintage beauty of that original strand back with the Oceania Necklace. Each luminous sphere in the Oceania begins with the same organic material found in cultured pearls, but is delicately crafted and polished in the laboratory. The process gives you a much more durable necklace, with a near-perfect shape that natural pearls can only dream about.