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A new standard of beauty has arrived Long ago, Queen Nefertiti defined what beauty looks like. Today, we’re raising the bar with 24 carats of her favorite stone. Step aside Cleopatra! Queen Nefertiti was not only the most powerful woman in the history of Egypt, she was also the most beautiful, and she did it all while carrying the vivid blue-green of the chrysocolla stone. Some 3,400 years ago, Nefertiti ruled Egypt wisely during what may have been its wealthiest, most successful era. Her name literally means “;the beautiful one has arrived,”; and, after the archaeological discovery of the famous Nefertiti bust in 1913, it’s now believed that the queen’s high cheekbones, long neck, arched eyebrows and enigmatic smile set the standard for beauty that we still hold to today. Our Nefertiti Chrysocolla Earrings pays tribute to the epitome of ancient power and beauty using chrysocolla, the stone the queen loved so dearly she refused to be seen without it. Nefertiti believed the vivid blue-green of the stones brought her both luck and wisdom, but they also highlighted her beauty. The good news is that you don’t need the wealth of an ancient Pharaoh to afford a wealthy look. Thanks to recent chrysocolla finds, which the queen herself could only have dreamed of, we can offer 24-carats of ancient splendor and wisdom for this exclusive Stauer price! We hope the Nefertiti Chrysocolla Earrings brings you the good fortune and good sense that the queen believed it gave her, but we know for sure that it will help you set your own new standard for 21st-century beauty.