NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs Women's T-Shirts $49.9

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Manufacturer: DA – CBS
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NCIS Team Abby & Team Gibbs Women’s T-Shirts NCIS Team Abby Women’s T-Shirt Youre fan of NCIS, but a fan of Abby, first and foremost thats why your shirt should say Team Abby! The NCIS Team Abby Womens T-Shirt in deep red shows off your love for the show and declares the special place in your heart for an offbeat forensic scientist! Made of comfortable cotton and available in sizes small to XL, theres a shirt thats perfect for you. Go Caf-Pow! NCIS Team Gibbs Women’s T-Shirt Ladies, let all the other girls know youre on Team Gibbs! Gibbs is NCISs Special Agent in Charge, a fancy way of saying the boss. So when you wear the NCIS Team Gibbs Womens T-shirt, you tell the world in plain and simple English that you are Gibbs biggest fan and all things to do with honor and respect for the military. This flattering navy shirt is made of 100% cotton and comes in slim fit for sizes small to XL, perfect for every Gibbs gal.