Mozambique Ruby Ring $297

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $495
Ruby find rocks gem world Ruby dealers in Thailand are all talking about the magnificent new gemstones from Mozambique. Chatter around the market is that these stones are equal to the rubies from more established mines in Burma or Tanzania, yet selling for almost half the price. Why is this a big deal? Because rubies are the rarest gemstone on earth, so a new source of quality stones has the potential to change the market forever. We’ve done our own research and held the beautiful rubies of Mozambique in the palm of our hands. Turns out the dealers had it all wrong. Mozambique rubies weren’t just equal to those from Burma… they were better. Sure, the vivid color was a match for fine Burmese rubies, but these Mozambique rubies were cleaner, with far fewer inclusions. We snapped up as many as we could. And that’s why today we can offer the Mozambique Ruby Ring at a price that would have previously been impossible. The market value will rise as the new source becomes established in the marketplace, so make sure to get it established on your finger before the price changes!