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World’s richest man marries mermaid He was a banker, philanthropist and art collector. Practically everything he touched yielded massive profits. He also happened to be one of the world’s greatest gem collectors. So it’s no surprise when a new gemstone was found in 1911, it was named after him. The world had never seen anyone like J.P. Morgan. Nor, had anyone seen anything like his namesake gemstone, morganite. She was queen of the deep sea, protecting sailors from the perils of the sea with her treasure trove of lustrous ocean blue aquamarine. For landlubbers, she doled out her precious gemstone to bring a prosperous marriage, as well and joy and wealth. With such legendary origins, it seemed only natural we pair morganite and aquamarine for earrings of romantic proportions. One could say, it’s a match made in heaven. Also known as a pink emerald, morganite comes in a variety of pink and purple shades. Here it appears in its softest pink color to blend beautifully with its soulmate, aquamarine to form a delectable gathering of pastel hues. Our Morganite Mermaid Earrings are the type of investment Morgan would have loved.