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How to make a billionaire blush Own the legendary “pink emerald” for our exclusive low price To name something after billionaire Gilded Age industrialist J.P. Morgan, it had better be big. Few men were more powerful. Anything with his name should strike fear in the hearts of men. A towering skyscraper of concrete and metal. Or heck, maybe even a U.S. Navy battleship. But a pretty pink gemstone? It doesn’t make sense. Unless you know J.P. Morgan’s not-so-secret identity. Underneath his no-nonsense exterior, the man had a soft spot for rare stones. Our Morganite & DiamondAura� Ring is just the kind of thing that would catch his eye. And not only because it features a 1 ⅓-carat oval of his namesake stone. Morgan was one of the most important collectors of precious gems on the planet. In 1911, America’s leading gem expert rewarded his generosity by renaming the stone formerly known as “;pink emerald.”; First discovered in Madagascar, morganite is a close cousin of emerald and aquamarine. The alluring pink stone is almost chemically identical, save for the dash of managanese responsible for its blush-colored hue. Our Morganite & DiamondAura Ring showcases a stunning pink oval prong-set on a stage of fine .925 sterling silver finished in rose gold. The shoulders sparkle with fiery white rounds of lab-created DiamondAura. Plenty have looked to Morgan for financial inspiration, but we prefer his eye for beauty. He would surely approve of such a romantic investment.