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It started with a cross Four carats of genuine ruby! Before the reign of Constantine the Great, Christians in the Roman Empire had it bad. The faithful were routinely persecuted by the state and church property was consistently confiscated. Until, one day in the year 312, as Constantine prepared to battle Maxentius for control of the Empire, he looked to the sky and saw a cross made of light, alongside the words, In this sign, conquer! Constantines men made Christian symbols on their shields, the Battle of Milvian Bridge was won and Constantine became both undisputed ruler of Rome and a proud patron of Christianity, outlawing religious persecution and declaring Christians free to worship. The Milvian Ruby Pendant is our tribute to the day that changed religious history and the man whose prophetic vision made it happen. The ornate sterling silver cross is the physical embodiment of the symbol Constantine saw in the sky and a celebration of the power of faith, while the deep red of the four-carat enhanced ruby represents both the sacrifice of those early pre-Constantine Christians and the love that todays followers hold in their hearts. At this special time of year, we hope the Milvian Ruby pendant provides a way to show your faith in a beautiful way, without spending a fortune. Add the matching 18″ Bali Naga Chain!