Midas 24K Gold-Leaf Womens Watch $149

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Manufacturer: Stauer
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Retail Price: $395
A watch fit for a golden queen The legend of King Midas doesnt say much about his queen, but if everything he touched turned to gold. You can be sure his wife stayed well clear of him until the god, Dionysus, cured him of his golden curse. Smart woman � and only from Aristotle do we have the name of Queen Midas: Demodike � also called Hermodike � from Kyme, a metropolis of the Ancient World. A golden king deserves a golden queen, and we have the perfect watch for every modern-day Lady Midas. The Queen Midas Watch is a scaled-down version of our mens Midas Watch, boasting all the glitter… and especially the gold. With a genuine 24K gold leaf face, white, luminous hands, a date window and a stainless steel band finished with golden tones, the Queen Midas Watch is the ideal timepiece for the most important person in your life.�