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The world’s most endangered gem? African fire reveals 100 carats of stunning tanzanite treasure According to legend, lightning struck near Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, setting the ground ablaze. When the fire and smoke cleared, the local Masaai tribe found brilliant violet gems. Word of the vivid jewels soon spread, and gem hunters from across the globe flocked to Tanzania to claim their share of the unique stone. Experts agree that one day, maybe soon, the Earths supply of the rare gem will simply and suddenly disappear. Tanzanite is only mined within a 4 square kilometer section of Tanzania. Thats it. You wont find it anywhere else on the planet. That makes it 1000 times rarer than diamonds. We feel compelled to bring this amazing stone to you before its gone for good. But you deserve more than just a touch of tanzanite. Which is why our Merelani Necklace boasts 100 carats of rare tanzanite. The spectacular Merelani (named for the beautiful hills near Kilimanjaro) features beads that perfectly capture the stones wealth of violet, blue, and purple tones. With quantities of the gem dwindling, we wont be able to offer this 100-carat necklace for long. Order today to capture the endangered jewel of Africa before its gone.