Men's Galahad Steel Ring $99

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Men's Galahad Steel Ring - W6336
In Stock: yes
Manufacturer: Stauer
Retail Price: $199
A destiny forged by fire Sir Galahad was the best knight in King Arthur’s court, hands down. The bravest, the most talented, and the most generous. The son of Sir Lancelot, everyone at Camelot knew Galahad was special when he sat in the famed Perilous Seat without harm, thus proving he was the only knight worthy of finding the Holy Grail. The gallant Sir Galahad went on to pull the sword from the stone and then fulfill his destiny by questing for the Holy Grail. When choosing his reward, Galahad didn’t ask for money or power, only that he may die at a time of his choosing, which he did, and was carried to heaven by angels. Good work, worthy sir. We like to think our Galahad Ring is the Holy Grail of men’s jewelry. A sturdy, stainless steel ring, made of the same stuff as Galahad’s mythical sword, detailed with a gold-finished knot design, representing your unbreakable destiny. Are you worthy to wear it, as Galahad was? There’s only one way to find out.